Dave Christensen is a Co-founder and Managing Principal of Milestone. Prior to Milestone, Mr. Christensen served as Co-President of Nearon Enterprises for over 20 years, from 1993 until June 2014.  From 1985 until 1992, he was with Bechtel Investments Ralty in San Francisco.
Mr. Christensen obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Financial Planning from Brigham Young University in 1980 and an MBA from the Yale School of Management in 1985. He has served as trustee of multiple trusts since 1997. Currently, Mr. Christensen serves on the National Advisory Council for the Marriott School of Management, the International Advisory Council of the International Center for Law & Religion at the J. Reuben Clark School of Law, and the President's Leadership Council at Brigham Young University. He also serves on the Policy Advisory Board of the Fisher Center for Real Estate & Urban Economics at University of California, Berkeley.